Case Study

How Thats Marketing is Helping Bluetooth Low Energy Leads Faster than Competitors

How Delphi Measurement Is Helping Companies Weigh Heavy Loads Faster, Easier and Cheaper Than Ever Before

The Client

Delphi Measurement

Delphi Measurement is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist load measuring equipment. These solutions are designed and produced to meet the requirements of a diverse range of applications within the heavy machinery industry. With exports to China, Malaysia, New Zealand, United States, UAE and more, Delphi's unique product range utilises Bluetooth Low Energy and radio links for groundbreaking wireless solutions.


Application Development

Design & Development

User Interface And Experience

Project Start Date

February, 2020
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Mike Leonard

Director, Delphi Measurement
Gold Coast, Australia

The Challenges

Delphi Measurement had designed and built an in-house solution for the shipping container industry that ran on an embedded device with a small LCD screen and a small attached thermal printer which produced a printed slip showing the weight under load.

Delphi wanted to build a new, up-to-date product that could produce and email Adobe PDF certificates and email them at will to the customer.

The whole solution needed to operate wirelessly, reliably and rapidly to ensure heavy loads of up to 500 ton (or more) could be weighed and a Verified Goods Mass certificate produced.
Operate on rugged devices
Touchscreen operated
Handle different load types
Weigh loads in almost real time

The Solution

Over the course of ten months and multiple installations, Delphi Measurement was able to shape and mould the final solution that matches the exact needs of customers.

Beginning from a simple one page application concept, the final solution resulted in over forty-five user interface screens, multiple permission levels of access, a full formula editor, customised dashboard screens, a secondary administration console application and connectivity to multiple types of protocols to mix and max load cell weighing devices.

The solution is fully cloud connected that syncs multiple devices on different platforms (i.e. Windows UWP, iOS and Android), yet operates off-line for underground (i.e. mining) as well as remote locations.

All data synchronises at sub-second speed, is touch screen and fully backed up transparently in case of disaster.

Industries utilising this solution are varied and include mining, shipping, shiplifting and more.

What we Provided

A cross-platform Xamarin solution running on:
Microsoft Windows UWP
Apple iOS
Google Android

The system utilises:

  • MongoDB for the database
  • Amazon S3 for file storage
  • Sendgrid for email sending
  • Twilio for SMS notifications

The Result


Over the course of twelve months and multiple client installations, Thats Marketing and Delphi Measurement were able to adapt and create a strong product that serves the needs of heavy weighing solutions.

By creating a product with an inbuilt equation editor, a full customised dashboard editor and cross-platform functionality, Delphi Measurement is able to bring a highly flexible solution to many new industries.

Delphi Measurement now has a unique vertical industry product that is unmatched in the world and they are positioned to take market share as a result.

2829 Hours

Development Man Hours


Customer Deployments

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